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Twenty Years Abreast - "Abreast Around The World”

30 June 2015

Paddlers from "Abreast of Life (ABOL)" were joined by "ABOL Amazons" on the Kaiapoi River to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the birth of BCS Paddling.

Did you know that it is 20 Years since Dragon Boat paddling was recognised as a good thing for patients with lymphodema? Dr Don McKenzie recognised that Dragon Boat paddling had the key features that would benefit recovery - a safe entry level activity allowing high intensity upper body exercise.

'Abreast of Life', 'ABOL Amazons' and Aoraki Dragons were among the first to celebrate this momentous occasion, on the Kaiapoi River from 1pm on Saturday 13-June-15.

The 20 Years Abreast in a Boat (AIAB) Committee has posted a video with an interview with Dr Don McKenzie to mark the event. Carol Dale, President of Abreast In A Boat provides a brief introduction, followed by Dr Don and it concludes with best wishes for a happy day from Jane Frost who is a Member of the 20 Years AIAB Committee and President of IBCPC (International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission).

IBCPC will produce a memento in celebration of our years of breast cancer paddling across the globe.

"As the sun dawns on June 13th in the South Pacific, our Kiwi friends will be the first to celebrate, followed shortly by the Aussies. Those two countries, along with South Africa, will undoubtedly be chipping the ice off their boats while we in the Northern Hemisphere will hopefully be paddling in the glorious summer sunshine. It feels poignant to me the last teams to paddle that day will be those on the west coast of North America – where indeed this amazing adventure began just 20 years ago! And, when you wake up on June 14, it will not be long before you hear who will host the next International Breast Cancer Paddlers' Commission Festival. Best wishes for a happy celebration".

Jane Frost


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