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Toni Reid

A feature of ABOL team for many years has been the smiling face of 'Tones' Reid.

NZ Herald reported:

"Chart-topping popera trio Sol3 Mio have cemented their reputation as the nicest guys in Kiwi music, taking time out to visit a sick fan.

Brothers Pene and Amitai Pati and their cousin Moses Mackay went to visit Toni Reid in Christchurch today after they heard of her plight.

Mrs Reid has been left housebound as she battles five different types of cancer, which meant she was unable to attend the group's concert at Horncastle Arena last night.

Instead, the group went to visit Mrs Reid at home and performed a special live song for her.

Afterwards, they posted a photo to Instagram, writing: "She is the most peaceful and beautiful woman. Toni Reid you made our day. We hope you enjoyed the song."

Cricket Archive hints at just some of her past achievements. It shows that 'Phyllis Antoinette Reid, nee Masters' was born on on 4th November 1930, Christchurch, NZ. She was a Right-hand batsman, and bowled Left-arm medium pace. She played for Canterbury Women (Women's Miscellaneous: 1957/58-1959/60)

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